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Warranties for the vehicles sold on www.electric-scooters-galore.com are issued by their manufacturers. Scooters Galore, LLC (the owner of this site) does not issue separate or additional warranties. In rare cases, some local repair shops offer extended warranties that may be purchased directly from them, and are only honored by them.

Our manufacturers typically provide 90-day warranties for their products. No manufacturer will honor warranties for products that have been misused, so please operate your vehicle in a manner that is in keeping with the capabilities for which it was designed.

Posted below is the most recent warranty information we have available for each manufacturer whose products are sold on this site. For the most accurate information, please consult the manufacturer directly (contact info is listed below).


If you do happen to have problems with any product you have purchased from us, Electric Scooters Galore pledges to follow through with you, and intervene as necessary with the manufacturer, to ensure that you have a vehicle that works the way it's supposed to. Don't hesitate to call us at 877-557-2668 with questions about warranties, parts or repairs. We will be there for you!


Go-Ped provides 90 days of front-to-back warranty coverage on all of their products, under the auspices of Patmont Motor Werks, the parent company. They guarantee their products to be free of manufacturing defects. They expect you to operate your Go-Ped in keeping with the guidelines provided in the owner's manual.

Refer to the owner's manual that comes with each Go-Ped product for all the details about warranty, safety, operation of the vehicle, and troubleshooting tips. If you need a replacement manual, go to their website - www.goped.com/Products/, find your product, then click on More Info for that product; scroll way down that page to find the Documents tab, then click on that tab to view and/or download the manual.

If you have problems with your Go-Ped that you can't figure out from the owner's manual, call us first at 877-557-2668. If we are unable to resolve your issue, the next step is to call Ron at Go-Ped for warranty and repair assistance at 925-373-7827. Ron has been with Go-Ped for almost two decades, so he knows their machines inside and out. Ron and the repair team at Go-Ped will take good care of you and your scooter.

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Contact us at 877-557-2668 with questions about the Go Motorboard warranty.

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Currie Technologies, the manufacturers of the EZIP line of electric scooters and the IZIP line of electric bikes, provides a 90-day warranty for their products, beginning on the day you purchase your vehicle from this online store. This warranty covers manufacturing defects, and includes unlimited free technical troubleshooting by phone and email with trained Currie Technologies representatives, plus free replacement parts as determined by the troubleshooting process.

In those rare instances when technical problems arise during the warranty period, the customer's involvement is required to facilitate the process of elimination that is necessary to remotely diagnose the situation. Because these are relatively simple machines, most customers are able to install replacement parts themselves, with expert help over the phone from Currie reps.

In those situations where a customer prefers to obtain local professional assistance, any charges incurred will be at the customer's expense, and are outside the scope of this warranty. If a customer prefers to not utilize the assistance of Currie phone support and wishes to return a malfunctioning product, all return shipping will be at the customer's expense, and a 10% restocking fee will be assessed as well.

You must register your product on the Currie Tech site to activate your warranty:
For your convenience, click here for a direct link to the Currie Technologies registration page.

Click here for lots of troubleshooting info on the Currie Tech site.

Call Currie Tech Customer Service at 1-800-377-4532 if you have a question about warranty coverage. To provide faster service, please have the following information and your scooter or bike in front of you when you call:

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90 Days: Razor warranties their electric products to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of ninety (90) days from the original date of purchase. The 90 days of Razor's warranty starts on the day you first purchase your scooter from us (this is Day 1). Also, 90 days means exactly that: ninety days on the calendar, not three months.

Proof of Purchase: You will have to prove the date of purchase in order to get warranty coverage. Be sure to keep a copy of your receipt (sent by email) in case you ever need to file a claim about your scooter, and we also have a record of your purchase if you need it.

Registration: You do NOT have to contact Razor or send in a warranty card in order to be covered by their Limited Warranty. You are covered automatically beginning on the day you purchase your scooter. The only proof you have to provide in order to make a claim on your warranty is a receipt for your purchase.

Check Condition of Scooter Immediately Upon Delivery: Be sure to check out and use your Razor scooter soon after you get it, so that if there are any problems, you will know about it BEFORE the 90 days of your warranty are over. If you leave your scooter in the box or in your garage, and then you do not discover a defect until AFTER your 90 days have passed, you will unfortunately not be able to get warranty coverage, and then paying for parts and/or repairs will be up to you. This holds true even if you purchased the scooter ahead of time for a gift, or purchased it in the winter but did not ride it until spring.

Razor's Limited Warranty does NOT cover the following: normal wear and tear, tires, tubes or cables NOR any damage, failure or loss caused by improper assembly, improper maintenance, improper storage or improper use of the product.

Razor's Limited Warranty will be VOID if the product is ever:
  • used in a manner other than for recreation;
  • modified in any way;
  • rented.

Trick Riding Voids Warranty: Razor is very serious about NOT honoring a warranty if you have used your scooter for what they call "trick riding". Sport / stunt / competition activities should only be done with a scooter that is clearly manufactured to take the extra stress. Regular scooters cannot hold up under that kind of use. Here is their statement: "The warranty is meant to cover the product for normal wear and tear. If you decide to use your product in a way that puts extraordinary stresses on the product, you will lose any warranty rights if the product fails due to misuse. We strive to design and manufacture our products to conform to applicable standards, but everyone must recognize that no product could ever withstand every conceivable strain or abuse."

Liability: Razor also states that they are not liable for incidental or consequential loss or damage due directly or indirectly to the use of their products.

Call Razor at 866-467-2967 (8a - 5p Pacific, Mon-Fri) for troubleshooting over the phone, and up-to-the-minute warranty information. Have the vehicle nearby when you call.

To find the nearest Razor repair shop, input your zip code here.

The Razor online parts store can be found here.

General info, help & support from Razor can be found here.

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The Injusa products and the brand-name Big Cars for Little Kids have a 6-month parts replacement warranty. Call us at 877-557-2668 for warranty contact information.

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ZAP products carry a 90-day warranty from the date of purchase. You must register your product with them in order to put your warranty into effect. Be sure to return the warranty card that is enclosed with your product.

If you have questions about your warranty or about repairs or parts, contact us at 877-557-2668. We will make sure you receive the follow-up you need.

Replacement parts for Zap products are available for purchase at their site: www.zapworld.com/zap-parts.

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