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Go-Ped "I-Ped2" Lightweight Folding Electric Scooter

Go-Ped "I-Ped 2" Lightweight Folding Electric Scooter - FREE SHIPPING
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Recognizing the ever growing need of commuters who wish to enhance public transportation with a more practical, lightweight and compact folding electric scooter, PMW has redesigned and improved the I-Ped for this specific market segment.

Drawing on PMW's 26 years of portable transportation device experience, the redesign is based on a new American made wheel with 8" pneumatic 4 ply tires having a tread design to improve traction on wet surfaces. This greatly cushions ride comfort over the original I-Ped as well.

The I-Ped2 now also has ESR front wheel stopping power with the well proven ESR stainless steel wave rotor and "Mad Dog" brake caliper combination. To add safety and also comply with various dual brake regulations found in certain state and international certification requirements, the I-Ped2 utilizes its rear fender as a very simple yet effective foot-operated rear brake.

To greatly increase the I-Ped2's versatility, it can be purchased with a choice of 3 battery pack configurations to suit the user's particular needs and price considerations:

iPed 2 with 5 Amp Hour Battery: $939.75
iPed 2 with 8 Amp Hour Battery: $1,506.75
iPed 2 with 16 Amp Hour Battery: $2,094.75

Here are the strengths of each model:

  Battery Power Battery Type Range (Miles) (Turbo / Econo) Weight
Lowest Cost 5 Amp Hour Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) 3 miles / 5 miles 37 lbs
Lightest Weight 8 Amp Hour Lithium Ion Phosphate (LiPo) 7 miles / 10 miles 28 lbs
Longest Range 16 Amp Hour Lithium Ion Phosphate (LiPo) 13 miles / 20 miles 31 lbs

The various I-Ped2 models all come in the popular gloss black powder coating, have similar 18 MPH performance, have the same well proven ESR programmable electronics and on-board charger (LiPo models also come with the faster off board charger), come with the same strong PMW warranty, and can be upgraded to the other available battery packs if so desired.

The I-Ped2 folds quickly, uses the rear fender to secure the more convenient folding loop, is easy to carry, fits nicely in its optional carry bag, and is the ultimate portable transportation device ever to be stowed under a shopping cart and train, bus, or ferry seat.

Made in the USA.

PLEASE NOTE: This video shows the previous version of iPed (when the only models were 8Ah and 16Ah) - but the appearance of all iPed models is the same.

Go-Ped Part Number 216030037: Go-Ped "iPed 2" with 5 Ah Battery
Go-Ped Part Number 216030034: Go-Ped "iPed 2" with 8 Ah Battery
Go-Ped Part Number 216030036: Go-Ped "iPed 2" with 16 Ah Battery

I-Ped2 Features and Specifications:

Motor 24V Brush D/C with aluminum heat sink
Maximum Speed 18 mph (turbo mode)
Dual Performance: Turbo and economy modes
Batteries See above chart
Power Controller Advanced computerized and programmable variable speed controller
Charger On-board smart charger 110v-240v compatible
LiPo models come with external off-board maintenance charger
Range See above chart
Transmission Chain drive with automatic chain adjuster
Dimensions Not folded: L-34" W-15.5" H-44"
Folded: L-36" W-15.5" H-13"
Foot Deck: 11.5" wide; 12.5" long
Unit Weight See above chart
Max Load 250 lbs
Frame Aircraft quality 4130 Chromyl frame
Fork Patented cantilevered aircraft quality 4130 Chromyl fork
Handlebar 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum
Tires 8"x 2" Kenda Pneumatic tires front and rear
Brakes Front, Mad Dog Stainless Steel wave rotor disc brake
Rear, Fender Friction Brake
Folding Effortless folding feature for easy storage and carrying
Additional Features
  • Zero emission vehicle
  • Glides effortlessly with power off
  • Ultra quiet
  • Combines the best attributes of a low deck with height and excellent ground clearance
  • Suggested Usage Touring, commuting and cruising
    Lightweight, folding, unmatched easy-to-use economical personal transportation

    CLICK HERE to view the I-Ped Owner's Manual (the manual for Go-Ped electric scooters)

    CLICK HERE to view performance tips for Go-Ped electric scooters

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    Go-Ped "I-Ped 2" Lightweight Folding Electric Scooter - FREE SHIPPING
    BACKORDER: 7 weeks from order date
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