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Electric-Scooters-Galore.com is one of the nation's leading retailers of personal electric vehicles. We are pleased to provide high quality personal transportation vehicles at competitive prices, which means that you get the best value for your scooter purchase.

We believe that electric-powered vehicles offer many specialized and creative transportation options, and are fun, reliable, and practical. Light electric vehicles do not pollute the air and are quiet. They are easy to charge up, simple to maintain, and get you on the move in style.

We also offer other types of personal transportation vehicles to fit a variety of situations.

We will help you figure out which machine fits the purpose you’re buying it for, so that you are confident that what you buy is just the set of wheels you need.

Our Best Value Promise

At Electric-Scooters-Galore.com, we make it our policy to only sell scooters that offer the best value. We’ve tested the products that are available, and have chosen only the most reliable, the highest quality, and the most fun scooters on the market.

We won’t sell scooters that have poor track records for performance. If it’s going to break down and give you a hassle, we won’t sell it. We don’t want the hassle, either. So you can count on buying a quality scooter from us, no matter which brand you choose.

We’ve chosen scooters that provide an impressive array of features. You can find just the scooter you’re looking for from the wide variety of models we offer. We make available the best accessories for our products, too.

And we offer all this at competitive pricing. This adds up to the best value for you!

        Performance + Features + Pricing = The Best Value for You

We never sell used or repaired vehicles for a retail price (you have to be careful about this with some other merchants – they won’t tell you that what you’re buying for such a low price is actually not a new product).

Excellent Customer Service

We want every customer to be a happy customer... pleased with what you find, ready to recommend a friend to us, and eager to come back and shop again.

We promise that we won’t leave you hanging, wondering where your order is, or how to locate parts or repairs. Your satisfaction is vital to our success, and we will work hard to earn it.

Here is an example of how committed we are to our customers: When a customer placed an order for a scooter that had just gone out of stock, and needed the scooter in time for a birthday, we sent an upgraded scooter to her. In her words: "That sounds like an excellent solution. I would be very happy with the better scooter. Thank you for being so great about communication. I will remember this customer service in the future!" - Eleni W. from Maine ... You're very welcome, Eleni! And we look forward to offering the same great customer service to every one of our customers here at Electric Scooters Galore.