Go Sporting Goods 2000X TranSporter - (Has Been Discontinued)

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2000X TranSporter

The 2000X has arrived! We are now accepting orders. We are also offering FREE SHIPPING via UPS Ground to the US mainland and most of Canada.

The most advanced motorized scooter available on the planet!

The 2000X is a quatum leap in scooter design, technology, and performance, and promises to revolutionize urban travel.

The 2000X is not a toy. We don't even like to call it a "scooter". We call it a Motorboard. It is a serious transportation device with a top speed of 15mph*, giving it the power and endurance necessary to get around in any urban environment. What's even more incredible, is that the 2000X can be easily folded up, and weighing only 19.5lbs (8.8kg), it is light enough to be carried on the subway, train, bus, or into work.

The 2000X can be fully charged in under 90 minutes. And, unlike most other electric scooters out there, the 2000X can be kick-scooted due to our patent-pending free-wheeling technology, so even if your battery does die you won't be stranded.

What makes the 2000X so good?

  • Twin custom-wound 750 Watt electric motors rated at 1 horsepower
  • Tough, aerospace-grade 6061 T6 aluminum body
  • High-output, industrial grade NiMH batteries
  • Quick charger with intelligent battery conditioning
  • High performance polyether tires
  • Front tuned-spring suspension system for a silky smooth ride
  • Completely redesigned motor controller for improved performance
  • Low deck height for easy kick scooting
  • Advanced microprocessor controlled motors. Pulse Width Modulated at 10,000 times a second
  • Innovative "Free wheeling" technology
  • Super light weight - only 19.5 lbs
  • Super strong steering hinge
  • Integrated kneeling kick-stand and folding mechanism
  • Carried easily onto trains, subways, or busses
  • Max Speed of 15 mph
  • Max rider weight of 250lbs
  • 90 day warranty

Don't just take our word for it...

Here is what people were saying about our previous model, the 1500X:

Daily Star Sunday - March 21st 2004:
"Rootin' Scootin!"
"At last, here is an electric scooter with attitude - 15mph of it, to be exact!"
"..isn't much bigger than a regular leg-powered machine."

Stuff Magazine - April 2004:
"...the GoMotorboard is a winner."
"...slick engineering with a sense of style. Highly recommended."

T3 Magazine - April 2004:
"...here's one that's built to last."
"...it really shifts."
"It goes like the clappers, feels solid and looks the part."

Daily Star Sunday - May 2nd 2004:
"This is the lean mean scootering machine."
"...folds up into a handy-sized piece of fighter jet material so you can take it to work on the bus, train or tube."
"This is the perfect way to get from the car park to the shop you wanted and back again"

Stuff Magazine - June 2004:
"...amaze and astound onlookers with your seemingly effortless propulsion."
"The most stylish and well-built micro scooter we've seen"

Front Magazine - June 2004:
"Motorists will be laughing on the other side of their faces when you sail past them"

* Maximum range and speed is very dependent on rider's weight, hills, wind, and terrain. Your experience may be different.

Sorry This Item Is No Longer Available.

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"The 2000XR!"

2000X TranSporter